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Lentivirus / Retrovirus Concentration Solution


Lentivirus / Retrovirus Concentration Solution

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Lentivirus Precipitation Solution 5X is a mixture of polymers optimized for the precipitation of lentiviral particles. It provides a simple, fast and highly efficient method for concentrating lentiviral particles. The protocol involves mixing your lentiviral supernatant with the Lentivirus Precipitation Solution, incubate for a short period, and spin the mixture in a standard centrifuge. It can increase the lentivirus titer by up to 100 folds as quick as in 4 hours and obtain excellent recoveries without ultracentrifugation. This solution is for research use only.

Shipping / Storage

Ship at Ambient temperature
Store at 4℃

Shelf Life

12 months


100 ml, for processing 400 ml lentivirus / retrovirus supernatant

Manual (protocol)

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