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101Bio Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (100x)


101Bio Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (100x)

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Protease Inhibitor Cocktail for the use in protein extraction, as a component of lysis buffer (such as lysis buffers in our P501, P502 or P503 kits, etc.).

Product Size

1 ml

Shipping / Storage

Ship at 2-8℃, and store at -20℃.

Shelf Life

12 months

Manual (protocol)
  Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (100x)


Components Amount Storage
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (100x) 1 ml -20℃
Mouse Tail DNA Extraction only 20 minutes
3D Cell Culture Gel 30% < Mkt Price
PCR Kits 50% < Mkt price
Beta-Hexosaminidase Activity Colorimetric Assay Fast and sensitive, High-throughput
Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Kits maxi, midi and mini-prep