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40% Deionized Glyoxal Solution


40% Deionized Glyoxal Solution

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(0.4 mL)
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Product Description

40% Deionized Glyoxal Solution (6M) is designed for RNA denaturation compatible with all buffered agarose gels. Following electrophoresis, RNA can be visualized with Nucleic Acid Stain or ethidium bromide. Glyoxal Denaturation make the band sharper than formaldehyde. This kit is for research use only.


  • • Formaldehyde-Free.
  • • Safer than formaldehyde.
  • • Highly sensitive.
  • • Easily perform on the batch top without fume hood

Comparison of the formaldehyde (F) and glyoxal (G) RNA denaturing systems with Hybond-N+ nylon membrane.>


RNA denaturation for Northern Blot


40% Deionized Glyoxal Solution (6M): 0.4 mL

Storage / Shipping

Store at -80°C ; Ship with dry ice


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