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10-Min. Tissue / Cells Genomic DNA Extraction Kit


10-Min. Tissue / Cells Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

Name T6008
$ 169.00
(10 ml for 100 samples)
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Product Description and features

This kit provides a simple and rapid method to isolate genomic DNA from tissues or cells for PCR amplification, genotype identification, CRISPR mutation detection, and library screening. The formulated reagent is ready-to-use in single reagent without other preparation. No organic extraction and alcohol precipitation are needed, and multiple samples can be easily processed simultaneously.

  • Accurate and consistent DNA extraction from tissues and cells (See Fig.1).
  • Fast: Only 10 minutes for whole process.
  • Simple: No need of additional materials.
  • Safe: No use of organic solvents.
  • Easy: Ready for use in PCR and other enzymatic reactions.

Mouse Tail DNA Extraction Kit /

Shipping / Storage

Store at -20℃ Ship at 4°C

Manual (protocol)
  Mouse Tail DNA Extraction Kit


10 ml extraction reagent for 100 samples.
Mouse Tail DNA Extraction only 20 minutes
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