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Tryptase Activity Assay


Tryptase Activity Assay

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Description and features

Tryptase Activity Assay Kit provides a quick, efficient, and sensitive system for evaluating tryptase activity in cell lysates and supernatants and can be used in inhibitor screening.

Tryptase, a tetrameric serine proteinase, has emerged as the major component of mast cell granules. Tryptase comprises up to 20% of the total protein in mast cells derived from lung, colon, and skin tissue. Because it is stored almost exclusively in mast cells, tryptase is a popular indicator of mast cell activation and a target for therapeutic intervention in allergic diseases.


  • • Cell culture supernatants, cell lysates, or other tryptase containing supplies.
  • • Testing of purified tryptase enzyme, in vitro inhibitor screening.
  • • Cell degranulation

Key Features

  • Sensitive and Accurate: The kit detects as low as 10μM in solution.
  • Simple and High-Throughput: The procedure is easily adapted to automation with no separation required as a high-throughput assay.
Shipping / Storage Ship at 4℃,Store at -20℃
Shelf Life 6 months

Manual (protocol)

Standard Preparation

Fig. 1: pNA Standard Curve

Fig. 2: Tryptase Positive Control Curve

Fig. 3: Effects of pH Value on Tryptase Activity

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