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D-Luciferin Potassium SaltFirefly luciferin, beetle luciferin, synthetic luciferin

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D-Luciferin, Potassium Salt, #SC102

CAS No.: 115144-35-9
Molecular Formula: C11H7N2O3S2.K
Molecular Weight: 318.42
Purity >99% (chemical and optical purity)

How to make D-luciferin stock solution and work solution:

To prepare solution for in vitro bioluminescent assay: Make a 200x D-luciferin stock solution (30 mg/ml) in sterile deionized water. Mix gently by inversion until the chemical is completely dissolved. Make a D-Luciferin working solution (150 ug/ml final concentration) in pre-warmed culture medium.

To prepare solution for in vivo imaging: Make a D-luciferin stock solution (15 mg/ml) in DPBS. Mix gently by inversion until the compound is completely dissolved. Filter sterilizes the solution through a 0.2 um filter. Inject animals at 10 ul/g of body weight or 1.5 mg D-luciferin for a 10 g mouse.

pH stability of D-luciferin potassium salt: If pH>6.3, it may be converted to L-luciferin through a slow racemization.

Storage of D-luciferin potassium salt in powder and solution: It may form dehydroluciferin in the presence of ultraviolet light and/or moisture. The lyophilized powder should be stored in the dark at -20℃. For in vivo and in vitro use, the stock solution after reconstitution with PBS or deionized water can be stored at 4℃ with protection from light for 3 weeks, and at -20℃ for 3 months. 

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