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AAV Packaging Service


AAV Packaging Service

Cat. #

S503H     300 µL ( > 1 x 1011 GC/mL )

S503U     300 µL ( > 1 x 1012 GC/mL )

S503C     Custom packaging


AAV in frozen vial(s)

Turn Around

2 ~ 3 weeks


  • Long term and high expression in vivo
  • Nonpathogenic with least immune response
  • Deliver gene to dividing and non-dividing cells
  • May integrated into chromosome 19
  • Multiple serotypes (AAV2/1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10, DJ and some mutanted serotyoes)
  • Multiple choices (promoters and reporter genes)

Material Required

Endotoxin-free AAV cis plasmid carrying your gene of interest (GOI), 100 µg for S503H or 500µg for S503U. Plasmid map.

Service Requisition Form


Final viral yield may depend on the nature of transgene and the sizes.

AAV Titer will be determined by qPCR (measuring genome copies).

Vector must be able to produce virus ( no internal poly A signal, no toxic genes, no unusual 2nd structure, or 5' to 3' LTR size over 4.5 kb. )